Series A: automatic machines with 3 CNC axes - MF500A - MF1000A
Fast drilling, simple use, economical operation. Straight and single-angle drillings (with optional rotary table)
For molds and components up to 4.000 kg. Optimal drilling diameters: 4 - 25 mm solid
MF 1000 A: drilling depth in single operation 1000 mm
Deep drilling with "gundrill" tool: operation is much more economical than drilling on non-specific machine. Simple programming and friendly use thanks to special IMSA features and functions.
High quality results are granted, thanks to IMSA's care for temperature, pressure and oil cleanliness, fundamental parameters in drilling operation. The machine is compact but absolutely complete.
A series of holes can be drilled without operator's presence. Safety during drilling is granted by a double electronic check of the cutting parameters..