Who we are

Officina Meccanica Comi & Sala, founded in 1973 by Angelo Comi and Cesarino Sala at Cernusco sul Naviglio, immediately made a name for itself for the quality of its production and in 1979 moved to Brugherio to meet with its production requirements. Subsequent to the firmís expansion, thanks to the expertise of its employees and the many years of experience gained by the owners in the metalworking sector (turning and milling), the production site had to be enlarged and new tooling machines purchased. In 1992, it was again necessary to move, from Brugherio to Cernusco sul Naviglio, to expand its production and to change the legal status into a general partnership company going by the name of: Officina meccanica Comi A. e Sala C. S.n.c. After Angelo Comiís two sons, Fabio and Diego, joined the business as programmers the firm equipped itself with CNC tooling machines, diversifying its production and expanding into other sectors, with a particular focus on studying and producing special high precision mechanical components. In 2002, with the departure of Sala Cesarino from the company and the coming of Fabio and Diego Comi, the business changed its name to what is now Comi & Sala Officina Meccanica S.r.l. In 2007 to meet with the necessity of offering an improved quality service and to cope with a greater workload the business was expanded anew and moved to Agrate Brianza. Officina Meccanica Comi & Sala satisfies the demands for top quality and performance coming from its most demanding customers, producing mechanical components in steel, alloys and plastic materials in series on a small to medium scale, having restricted dimensional tolerances and high geometric complexity: practically all its production is made for the aeronautical sector. The quality of its products has always been a focal point for Comi & Sala with its clientele and for this reason the firm continually invests in new technologies with the purpose of retaining its standards of quality and increasingly improve production performance.